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Born in Vorau in East Styria in 1954, brewing apprentice and brewer in Graz, studied medicine and singing in Graz. Vocal studies at the Conservatory of Graz and at the University of Music in Graz as baritone (solo singing with Prof. Suttheimer and Lied singing with Prof. Zeller). Opera dramatic lessons with Prof. Pöppelreiter. Piece contract at the Graz Opera in Don Carlos, master class students of Walter Berry. Regular appearances as a concert singer, most recently in 2013 in Philadelphia and Budapest. Former head of the cultural and educational platform "Die Kuppel" in the LKH Graz (from 1987 to 1991). Establishment and management of the student movement "Medicine and Ethics" at the Medical Faculty in Graz 1980 to 1984. Training as a general practitioner in Graz and Leoben. ENT specialist training in Salzburg with Prof. Albegger. Since 1996 ENT specialist practice in the city of Neumarkt am Wallersee and since 1992 as ENT doctor and occupational physician supervising physician of the Salzburg Festival. Establishment and management of the Austrian Voice Institute since 1996. Member of the American Voice Foundation, British Voice Association, German Voice and Language Society, Secretary General of the Collegium Medicorum Theatri (CoMeT). 2016 Founder of the Stimmzentrum Salzburg. Married to Dr. med. Luise Schlömicher, four adult children.

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Voice Problems, Negative Manometry, and Negative Esophageal pH Test

4/30/18 10:00 AM / by Dr Josef Schlömicher Thier posted in voice, treatment, case study


Dr. Josef Schlömicher-Thier
Chief of the International Voice Center Austria

Chief of the ENT Center in Neumarkt/Salzburg
Laryngology Specialist


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A 60 year old male presented with hoarseness, a heavy cough, and voice problems extending back at least four years. Symptoms had recently exacerbated leaving the individual out of work on sick leave. The patient reported multiple prior pneumonias, but presented with a normal pulmonary exam at the time of the initial assessment.

Prior to his office assessment, the patient was examined at a different hospital. This included the discovery of a minor hiatal hernia, which was accompanied by a negative esophageal manometry test and a negative duel channel pH test. Video Stroboscopy revealed hyperplasia/ leucoplakia. VRP showed a restricted mass.

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