Restech to Revisit the 47th Annual Symposium: Care of the Professional Voice

5/31/18 11:11 AM / by Bree Gorman, MPH

Andrew Krauss, MS, CCC-SLP is heading to Philly to represent Restech at the Voice Foundation's Annual Symposium. This meeting is an intimate gathering of voice professionals, researchers, and students in otolaryngology, voice science, speech pathology and vocal pedagogy. Restech has supported the meeting for the past decade and we are excited to be there again this year. 

"After having attended The Voice Foundation's Annual Symposium as an undergrad, grad student, and clinician, I'm very much looking forward to attending this year as a representative of Restech. It will be great to speak with current Restech physicians from around the world about how our product is helping them better identify and treat LPR," says Andrew.

We look forward to yet another opportunity to share our technology with voice care professionals. Proper reflux diagnostics can help pinpoint a reflux-related voice issue quickly, and provide detailed data upon which to design a targeted treatment plan. 

A recent case study, Voice Problems, Negative Manometry, and Negative Esophageal pH Test, illustrates how essential the Restech test was to the diagnosis of LPR. The patient's esophageal pH test was negative and the manometry test initially led doctors to rule out reflux as the cause of his symptoms. The positive upright RYAN Score and Moderate to Severe Supine Acid Exposure Graph provided a critical insight into an appropriate treatment plan. 

If you are a voice professional and will be attending the Symposium, stop by our table and learn more. If you aren't able to make it by, we'll happily pay you a quick visit at your convenience! 

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Bree Gorman, MPH

Written by Bree Gorman, MPH

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