New Year’s Resolution: Get my Reflux Under Control!

1/3/19 2:36 PM / by Thomas Ball, PhD

After a busy holiday season, many of us start the new year wondering what we can do to resolve our reflux. Overindulgence in food and drink during prolonged periods of sitting can backfire with heartburn and other reflux related symptoms.

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Not to worry, we have good news! The new year brings fresh opportunities to change your lifestyle and adopt a smart, healthy approach to getting your reflux in check.

Do you have persistent reflux, or do you more commonly experience upper airway symptoms such as cough, sore throat, or globus? The first step to getting your reflux under control is to get tested and find out just how bad the problem is. The landscape of reflux diagnostics can be confusing to navigate, so we’ve put together a simple blog post to help understand the key differences in your options. Ask your doctor whether a Restech test for LPR or GERD is appropriate.  

Want to tackle your reflux head on? Try these 10 simple lifestyle changes!

Increasing evidence shows just how large of a role diet can be in managing  reflux. Check out this case study by Dr. Craig Zalvan, where he helps a reflux patient implement diet and lifestyle changes for lasting results.

Unfortunately, sometimes lifestyle modifications just aren’t enough. Many of us have grown dependent on PPIs and other medications in an attempt to control our symptoms. Even with a medicative approach, reflux doesn’t always resolve. Sometimes, there are large anatomical deficiencies that need to be addressed in order to get reflux under control.

Discuss anti-reflux solutions with your doctor to see if a stronger therapy, such as the Stretta Procedure, might be right for you. Stretta is a highly effective treatment to help reduce or eliminate reflux without drugs or surgical intervention. 

Remember, we’re here to help!  If you have questions about Restech diagnostics, therapeutics, or, to find a physician, feel free to contact us.

Together we can work towards freedom from reflux in  2019!

Happy New Year from the Restech Team.

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Thomas Ball, PhD

Written by Thomas Ball, PhD

Thomas is the VP of Clinical Affairs with more than 10 years experience with Restech. He has a background in sleep medicine and holds a PhD in History of Political Thought.

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