Restech | Mederi-RF South African and Namibian Distribution Agreement

2/21/19 2:07 PM / by Thomas Ball, PhD

Restech | Mederi-RF is pleased to announce that Restech diagnostic testing has come to South Africa and Namibia through a distribution agreement with Tactus Trading (PTY) LTD. 

With more than 25 years of medical device experience, nearly 20 of which with radio-frequency including the Secca and Stretta product lines, Rob Burns, of Tactus Trading, has rapidly placed diagnostic precision in reflux patients at the heart of Gastroenterology in South Africa. In fact, the first Restech test in Africa was performed earlier this year by Dr. Corné Kruger in Durbanville, a long-time Stretta user.

‘We are excited to continue our rapid expansion,’ said Debra Krahel, CEO of Restech, ‘With Tactus Trading we are confident that we can provide clinical excellence in reaching patients in areas where Restech products were previously not available.’

Restech | Mederi-RF provides safe and effective minimally invasive solutions for reflux diagnosis and treatment; along with fecal incontinence therapy. Our diagnostic line features the only clinic-based pH monitoring system with a sensor capable of measuring pH in aerosolized refluxate in the oropharynx and esophagus. Holding over 100 patents, Restech utilizes engineering excellence to improve diagnostic accuracy and sensitivity.

Our non-surgical, non-ablative radiofrequency (RF) therapies for GERD, LPR, and fecal incontinence improve sphincter muscle function for lasting results. Key products include the Dx-pH Monitoring System (for reflux diagnosis); and the Stretta and Secca RF therapeutic systems (for reflux and bowel incontinence treatment, respectively).

Topics: pH testing, Stretta Therapy

Thomas Ball, PhD

Written by Thomas Ball, PhD

Thomas is the VP of Clinical Affairs with more than 10 years experience with Restech. He has a background in sleep medicine and holds a PhD in History of Political Thought.

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