66 Year Old Male with Chronic Cough on Long-term PPIs

2/15/18 11:10 AM / by Craig H. Zalvan, MD posted in LPR, pH monitoring, Cough, PPI


By: Craig H. Zalvan, MD, FACS
Chief of Otolaryngology and Medical Director
The Institute for Voice and Swallowing Disorders


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66 year old male presents with diagnosis of GERD and asthma for chronic cough. He reports being well until 5 years ago when he had a severe URI, symptoms of which resolved, except for a chronic cough. Additional symptoms of ongoing waterbrash, throat clearing, and globus sensation; a tickle sensation in the throat followed by spasms of coughing associated with bouts of “wheezing,” described as a high pitch sound when breathing inward. He also reports his eyes tearing, rhinorrhea, and vocal strain with occasional bouts of nausea. Cold air and talking trigger coughing episodes.

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Pharyngeal pH Testing Explained

1/15/18 10:09 AM / by Kathy Bach posted in pH monitoring



The Dx–pH Measurement System is a revolutionary device that comfortably measures pH in the upper airway or esophagus. Prior to Restech’s introduction, it was difficult to detect reflux in the upper airway because previously available pH monitors were limited to measuring liquid reflux in the esophagus. Restech’s patented technology is the only commercial device available that is capable of measuring both liquid and aerosolized pH levels.

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Diagnosing extraesophageal symptoms: which method of pH monitoring is best?

12/1/17 10:55 AM / by Kathy Bach posted in Reflux diagnosis, LPR, pH monitoring, ENT, GI, GERD, 2017



Restech’s pH system was the highlight of new research presented by Dr. Ezra Teitelbaum at the 2017 American College of Surgeons’session on Novel Endoscopic and Minimally Invasive Techniques for Esophageal Dysmotility and Reflux Disease. Dr. Teitelbaum (Assistant Professor of Surgery and Medical Education at Northwestern University) collaborated with Dr. Steven DeMeester (President and Executive Director of the Foundation for Research and Education in Esophageal and Foregut Disorders) on a study comparing the results of different pH monitoring tests in patients off antisecretory medications.  

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