A Study to Draw a Normative Database of Laryngopharynx pH Profile in Chinese

Feng G, Wang J, Zhang L, Liu Y. J Neurogastroenterol Mobil. 2014 July;20(3):347-351.

OBJECTIVES: To draw a normative database of laryngopharynx pH profile in Chinese subjects.

RESULTS: The healthy volunteers consisted of 20 males and 9 females with a median age of 23 years (interquartile range, 21 to 32 years). The 95th percentiles for % total times at pH < 4, pH < 4.5, pH < 5.0 and pH < 5.5 for the oropharynx pH catheter were 0.06%, 1.01%, 7.23% and 27.34%, respectively. The 95th percentile for number of reflux events within the 24-hour period at pH < 4, pH < 4.5, pH < 5.0 and pH < 5.5 were 2.0, 18.0, 107.5 and 284.5, respectively.

CONCLUSION: This is the first study to systematically assess the degree of reflux detected by the new pH probe in healthy asymptomatic Chinese volunteers and to report normative values in Chinese people. Using an oropharyngeal pH catheter to monitor laryngopharyngeal reflux indicated that in healthy Chinese, reflux should be considered normal if the percent time at pH less than 4.5 is no more than 1%.


Topics: pH monitoring, public health, normal values, 2014

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