Airway pH Monitoring in Patients with Suspected Obstructive Sleep Apnea Using the Dx-pH Oropharyngeal Probe: Preliminary Report of a Prospective Cohort Study

Wang CC, Lien HC, De Virgilio A, et al. Clin Otolaryngol. 2014 Dec; 39(6):352-8.

OBJECTIVES: To investigate the laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR) episodes and pH values in patients with suspected obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) using the Dx-pH oropharyngeal probe.

RESULTS: There were 18 (45%) patients diagnosed as OSA with a mean RDI of 28.7, and 22 patients (55%) diagnosed as simple snorers. Between 2 groups, there were no significant differences in the LPR events and pH values during the awake period, sleep period or overall recording period. Comparison of the LPR events and minimum pH values between the awake period and the sleep period revealed there were no significant differences in either group.

CONCLUSION: Using the new sensitive Dx-pH oropharyngeal probe with PSG, we found that OSA does not correlate with a higher incidence of LPR episodes.


Topics: pH monitoring, sleep, 2014

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