Evaluation of Laryngopharyngeal Reflux in Patients with Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) by a Pharyngeal pH-Probe

Brunnemer E, Oltmanns U, Piel S, Herth F, Kreuter M. European Respiratory Journal. 2016;48:PA3898. 

OBJECTIVES: To assess the occurrence and severity of LPR in ILD patients.

RESULTS: LPR was diagnosed in 10 out of 11 patients (46 % non-smoker, means: 68 years, forced vital capacity 74%, diffusing capacity of the lung 49 %). Mean pH was 6.2 (min 3.0, max 7.6). 18 % had an exclusively reflux during night, 82 % patients had a combined reflux in upright and lying position. 46 % had a LPR-positive RSI over 13 points. The RYAN-Score was significantly pathologic in 64 % of the cases.

CONCLUSION: LPR seems to be an underestimated phenomenon in asymptomatic ILD patients. Lager numbers and longer observation periods are required to evaluate the impact on disease progression.


Topics: pH monitoring, Pulmonology, 2016

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