Oropharyngeal pH Evaluation to Determine the Presence of Airway Reflux in Asthmatic Patients

Jackson W, Burke J, Morice A. European Respiratory Journal. 2011 Sep;38(Suppl 55):028.

OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the presence of gaseous airway reflux in physician diagnosed asthmatic patients, utilising the ‘Dx-pH Measurement System’ (Restech, Respiratory Technology Corporation, San Diego, California, USA). The DxpH probe can detect the pH of aerosolized droplets and liquid.

RESULTS: The study population consisted of 12 asthmatic patients (1male, 11female) with a mean age of 50 (range 33-72). Ryan score values for the upright period were 2.12 - 612.57 (normal <9.41) and for the supine period were 2.17 - 38.01 (normal <6.80). The mean Hull Airway Reflux Questionnaire score was 32/70 (normal <13). Airway reflux was present, confirmed by an abnormal Ryan score in 75% of the study population in the upright position and 58% in the supine position.

CONCLUSION: Airway reflux is a frequent condition in asthma patients. It should be recognised as a distinct entity that warrants specialized focus and treatment to improve the symptoms of patients suffering with extraoesophageal reflux and asthma. The Dx-pH probe is a useful diagnostic tool for patients with asthma and symptoms suggestive of airway reflux.


Topics: pH monitoring, Pulmonology, 2011

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