Case Study

Voice Problems, Negative Manometry, and Negative Esophageal pH Test

A 60 year old male presented with hoarseness, a heavy cough, and voice problems extending back at least four years. Symptoms had recently exacerbated leaving the individual out of work on sick leave. The patient reported multiple prior pneumonias, but presented with a normal pulmonary exam at the time of the initial assessment.

Restech was essential to the diagnosis of LPR in this patient as the negative esophageal pH test and manometry had initially led the patient’s doctors to rule out reflux as the cause of his symptoms. The positive upright RYAN Score and Moderate to Severe Supine Acid Exposure Graph provided a critical insight into an appropriate treatment plan. This was further verified by the initial lack of progress on pantopracol. Ultimately, the patient’s symptom resolution provides a testament to the importance of a precise and individualized treatment plan.

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