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Help Your Patients Thrive

Our suite of reflux solutions and bowel incontinence therapy can be game-changers in your practice. A definitive diagnosis from a Restech Dx-pH test and the effective simplicity of Stretta Therapy provides physicians a powerful new toolkit to treat patients suffering from reflux.

Stretta and Secca share a common radio frequency (RF) technology, which remodels and improves the structure of the muscle, resulting in improved sphincter function.

Reflux Diagnostics: Dx-pH System

Giving you the data you need to deliver targeted, individualized reflux therapy.

  • Obtain a definitive diagnosis in 24 hours
  • Displays detailed graphs and charts to illustrate the patient’s reflux patterns and severity
  • Offer a minimally invasive diagnostic test with increased patient comfort
  • Examine the patient’s typical day -- doesn’t inhibit normal activities
  • Clarify diagnostic and therapeutic pathways
  • Provide a baseline for future comparison
  • Explore alternative etiologies after a negative study

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Dx-pH Report

Reflux Treatment: Stretta

Address the root of the problem by strengthening the sphincter muscle and restoring natural function.

  • Bridge the treatment gap between medication and anti-reflux surgery
  • Stimulate muscle regrowth with a single 45 minute treatment
  • No altered anatomy, No foreign bodies left in the patient
  • No overnight stay - an outpatient alternative to anti-reflux surgery
  • 86% of patients remained off daily GERD medications at four years

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Fecal Incontinence Treatment: Secca

Bridges the gap between conservative treatments and surgery.

  • Doesn’t preclude future treatment options and can be repeated
  • Non surgical, no implants
  • 30 minute out-patient procedure using familiar equipment and techniques
  • Increases warning times for impending bowel movements
  • Shorter recovery time (compared to surgery)

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